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Civil Lawyers Gold Coast: Civil Litigation

Go To Court’s civil lawyers Gold Coast provide you an experienced and understanding advice and representation. With our combined nationwide reach and local accessibility, we give the most effective legal advice for your civil dispute.

Whatever the nature of your civil dispute, you need an experienced civil lawyer who can come to you on the Gold Coast. We will give you accurate, plain English legal advice and representation both before and during court proceedings.

Without dedicated legal advice from a civil lawyer, you can end up paying large amounts of money. This is regardless of whether you are the person bringing the lawsuit or the one who is being sued. Your Gold Coast civil lawyer can ensure you have a strong case and defence, and potentially save you thousands of dollars in costs which you can be ordered to pay you are unsuccessful.

Go to Court’s civil lawyers Gold Coast and surrounds have years of experience in all levels of Queensland’s courts and tribunals. We represent both applicants and respondents, plaintiffs and defendants and achieve excellent outcomes.

Our Gold Coast civil lawyers also have an extensive national network of experience, skill and talent they draw upon to assist our clients in all areas of civil law, including:

Civil law articles our Gold Coast clients find helpful

Part of our efforts to provide quality, easy to understand civil law advice to our Gold Coast clients and in and surrounding areas involves creating and maintaining a knowledge base of plain English legal articles. Thousands of people find information relevant to their civil law disputes every day on our website, including some of these popular articles:

These articles and the many other quality, plain English civil law articles gives you a general understanding of the complexity surrounding your civil dispute. But they are no substitute for professional legal advice from a qualified and experienced lawyer.

To get an early obligation-free case assessment on your civil law dispute, call our Legal Hotline between 7am and midnight, seven days per week to speak to an experienced lawyer about your legal issues.

Common civil disputes

One of the most important pieces of legal advice our Gold Coast civil lawyers will give you is how crucial it is not to leave your civil dispute for too long. This can cause you to miss limitation dates which could prevent you from bringing a claim. Delay can also greatly increase your costs when you do decide to seek legal advice.

You will invariably get a better result when you seek the advice of a qualified civil lawyer promptly instead of delaying.

Some of the most common civil law disputes we help our Gold Coast clients with are listed below, with some key information about each type of civil dispute.


Disputes relating to employment contracts such as unfair dismissal claims have some of the shortest limitation periods of any area of civil law. You must lodge a claim within 21 days of your dismissal under the Industrial Relations Act 2016 or you risk losing that right. Ideally, you would get legal advice from one of our Gold Coast civil lawyers before lodging your claim by calling our Legal Hotline any time between 7 am and midnight seven days a week.

If that is not possible, you can still lodge a claim and then seek legal advice from a qualified civil lawyer as soon as possible to ensure you do not get bogged down in the complexities of your civil dispute. Instead, get timely and effective legal advice to resolve your matters. For more information about employment disputes and how our civil lawyers can help protect your rights, check out our Employment Law in Queensland article.

Debt recovery

If you are trying to recover a debt from someone, the processes involved in debt recovery in the various Queensland courts and tribunals can be very confusing. You need to be aware of these processes so you can ensure that you get what is owed to you.

Our Gold Coast civil lawyers can follow up your debt recovery and ensure that all processes are complied with to ensure you get paid as quickly and with as little fuss as possible. Read our article, Debt Recovery in Queensland for more information.

Improve your prospects of success with professional advice and representation

The most effective way to bolster your case and give you solid prospects of success is to have one of our Gold Coast civil lawyers review it. They will make sure your case is handled professionally and cover all matters which could have an impact on thye result.

Unfortunately, many self-represented litigants miss out on important details or requirements which can seriously damage their chances at getting the result they would otherwise receive.

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