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Our Kingston family lawyers are passionate about delivering the best results for our clients. We understand your needs to receive exceptional service in an understanding and experienced way. And that is what our family lawyers in Kingston do.

No one wants to be in the situation where they need to engage a Kingston family lawyer. It usually means times are tough and unforgiving. An empathetic and supportive solicitor who knows how the family law applies in your unique situation is exactly what you need.

Our lawyers want everyone to know one very important fact about family law. The cost of not getting advice when you need it is much higher than the cost of getting advice earlier. In some cases, it can be thousands of dollars and months of stress difference.

Our Legal Hotline means you are in touch with a lawyer, every day of the week

Go To Court Lawyers are different. We have made available to all Australians a Legal Hotline which is staffed by qualified and experienced lawyers. Our lawyers are available to take your family law call 7 days a week, 7am to midnight. This is even outside business hours.

Our Legal Hotline makes booking a Kingston family lawyer with Go To Court so much easier. Why wait? Experience the difference now.

We understand you have a household to run and are more than likely have children to get to and from school on time. This is why we give our Kingston family lawyers the resources they need to meet you in a serviced office where it is convenient for you.

Gone are the days where you will have to drag yourself down to the family law office on the other side of town. Our family lawyers in Kingston can meet you where it is most convenient. If, for whatever reason, that is unsuitable, we utilise technology through Facetime and Skype to ensure you get the information you need without delay.

Common cases our Kingston family lawyers resolve

“Get advice as soon as you think of it,” is often said by family lawyers. When asked, our Kingston family lawyers agree.

The cost of delay can be devastating as there are time limits which apply.

Having decades of combined experience means our team of family lawyers in Kingston are familiar and comfortable with almost every situation. With diligent research, even the most unique of cases can result in a good outcome.

These are the most common types of family cases our Kingston family lawyers regularly get good results for our clients.

Property settlement

Our Kingston family lawyers often look after clients who are having issues with property settlement after a relationship ends. There are strict time limits that govern when you can seek a binding settlement and obtain spousal maintenance.

Depending on whether you were married or in a de facto relationship, different rules apply. This is why it is a good idea to sit down with an experienced family lawyer, even when both you and your former partner agree.

More information is freely available in our legal article, Property Settlement.

Domestic and family violence allegations

The horrific scourge that is domestic and family violence in Australia also has significant impacts on your family law case. Our Kingston family lawyers are seeing an increase in family violence allegations during parenting cases in line with the national statistics.

The Family Law Act 1975 as its own definition of family violence. Our lawyers in Kingston are experienced in assessing cases where there has been a Domestic Violence Order and whether this would have bearing on a child custody case.

For peace of mind, it is essential to discuss with a skilled and qualified lawyer if your parenting case involves allegations of family violence. Only then can you be sure your rights are protected in the best way possible.


We have seen clients go through it all. From those who were able to have all their property, financial and child custody matters sorted without animosity to those where it was the worst case imaginable.

There is no need to feel alone. Our Kingston family lawyers are highly skilled in family dispute resolution. Only after this mandatory mediation scheme set by the legislation can you apply to the court for legally binding parenting and property orders.

Learn more about in our dedicated family law article, Family Law Mediation.

Family law articles freely available

If you are not quite sure whether you need to see a Kingston family lawyer right away, our free family law articles are made available to all of our website users. Free of charge.

We have hundreds of family law articles which provide the basic legal information in plain English on a multitude of highly relevant family law issues. Written and edited by lawyers, our most popular articles include:

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