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Robina Civil Lawyers: The Experts in Civil Law

Go To Court’s Robina civil lawyers are experienced in resolving civil disputes.

Resolving a civil dispute in a court or tribunal can be a daunting experience for anyone, especially when they are not represented by a lawyer. Civil disputes can involve interpretation of long, complicated legislation and regulations where one or two words can make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful case.

Our Robina civil lawyers are skilled in translating complex legal concepts into plain English for both you and the courts. This means that our clients fully understand their rights and obligations before deciding how to proceed. It also means that courts and tribunals can fully understand your case without sifting through verbose legal arguments.

Go To Court Robina Civil Lawyers have experience in a wide range of common civil matters. A small snapshot of what we can do includes:

Articles our Robina clients find helpful

We have carefully cultivated our website to have the best plain English resources on Queensland civil law. All of our legal articles are written and edited by qualified lawyers. Here are some of the most popular articles on civil law that will help you understand your civil matter:

Once you have a good grasp of the issues raised by your civil matter, you should further protect yourself by giving our experienced lawyers a call on 1300 636 846 or on our Robina number (07) 3151 7568.

Our Robina civil lawyers will give you advice tailored to your specific situation so that you do not miss out on any of your rights. Our Legal Hotline is staffed by lawyers 7 days per week, from 7am to midnight, making it convenient for you to discuss your civil dispute with a qualified lawyer.

Common civil disputes

Our civil lawyers in Robina are passionate about obtaining great outcomes for our clients. When you get a chance, ask our lawyers what is one thing they recommend all their clients should know and their answer will be the same. Seeking legal advice early increases your prospects of success as well as ensures all options are available. Any delay and some outcomes will disappear from the table.

Here are a few civil law issues our Robina lawyers commonly tend to, and get great results for:


Guardianship can be an extremely sensitive issue as it deals with a person’s rights to make decisions about their own affairs, from health, to finances, to day-to-day living.

If you are being appointed as a guardian or having a guardian appointed for you, our Robina civil lawyers can help you to understand your rights and obligations, and advocate in the Queensland Administrative Appeals Tribunal for the outcome that you want.

Breach of contract

Breach of contract can be a confusing area of law to navigate because it is governed by case law, rather than statute. Case law is the law passed by courts through making decisions in cases where there is a dispute. This is also referred to as common law or precedent.

There are many different rights and remedies arising from contracts that may not be written into the contract itself. Our Robina civil lawyers are experienced in interpreting written and oral contracts and facilitating dispute resolution that is commercially, as well as legally, sensible.

Declaring bankruptcy

Declaring bankruptcy can have serious repercussions for your future, such as not being able to be a director of a company and limiting overseas travel.

Before declaring bankruptcy, you should make sure you have a good understanding of the consequences and potential other options. Our Robina civil lawyers will provide sensitive and comprehensive advice and representation so that you are equipped with the right information and the best chance of a positive outcome.

Prompt advice and representation will improve your chances of success

Just as you do not want to delay in getting the information you need, our Robina lawyers do not delay in providing our services to you. All of our lawyers are equipped with the ability and technology to meet with you in a location that is mutually convenient. Gone are the days of leaving messages with a non-legal assistant. Our lawyers provide prompt communication so you know exactly what is going on in your civil matter at every stage.

While different in nature to criminal matters, in reality the consequences of a civil case going awry can be just as financially and personally devastating. Without proper advice and representation, you may find yourself in serious debt, unemployed or bankrupt.

How Go to Court’s Robina civil lawyers can help our clients

Our experienced Robina civil lawyers provide affordable, tailored legal advice and representation to get you out of a tricky situation. Contact us today on 1300 636 846 or on our Robina number (07) 3151 7568.

The Go to Court Legal Hotline is open from 7am to midnight, seven days per week. We are available when the unexpected happens.

All Go to Court lawyers’ costs are upfront, so you will not receive any nasty surprises. When you call the Legal Hotline, our Hotline Lawyers will listen to your situation and provide useful information tailored to you. You will then have all the information to decide whether to proceed.

If you decide that seeing a Robina civil lawyer is the best option moving forward, we will select a lawyer who has a track record for success in your type of matter. We will also ensure they are able to attend to your nearest appropriate court or tribunal.

Our Robina civil lawyers are professional and courteous, and will always fight for your best interests.

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