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Family Lawyers Coolangatta: Passionate and Supportive

Go To Court Family Lawyers Coolangatta are a team of passionate and supportive solicitors here to help you with your family law issue.

No one wants to be in the situation where they need to engage a lawyer. This is especially true with family law as often the legal issues are fraught with emotion and confronting circumstances.

Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of how family law encompasses a broad range of legal matters. They look past the legal issues and see to your needs in a holistic way.

Understanding family law advice and representation is what you deserve

The team in Coolangatta understand that it can be frustrating trying to alleviate the issue by yourself. Family law matters are often complex, and can be emotionally and financially draining. The laws, -of-court settlement procedures (even out of court) and the court processes are hard to understand without professional assistance.

Our highly-skilled lawyers are led by Accredited Family Law Specialist, Rachel Gillies. This means they can draw on the decades of combined experience to provide legal assistance in all areas of family law.

Without qualified legal advice and strong representation, you may find that you have  lodged a family law matter in the wrong court. Or you may miss a deadline you’re your settlement, requiring you to seek permission from the court to deal with it out of time. Our Coolangatta family lawyers explain everything in plain English and alleviate the stress of these matters.

Our Coolangatta family lawyers regularly assist clients in a range of issues

The team in Coolangatta deal with many family law cases, often with great results for our clients. Here are some of the most common legal issues dealt with by our team:

Property consent orders

Many clients call because they have only just discovered that an informal agreement will not protect their financial interests, even if their former partner agreed. This often leaves our clients in the lurch when their former partner changes their mind.

Backed by experience, our Coolangatta family lawyers can draw up and obtaining property consent orders for you. These ensure that your monetary interests are protected and the arrangement you have made with your ex is honoured.

Without a qualified family lawyer, property settlements and consent orders can go awry. It is too costly to risk your future. Call our no-obligation Legal Hotline today.

Parenting Orders

Our Coolangatta family lawyers can help advocate for you if parenting agreements or consent orders for visiting children are breached by the other party. They provide honest and reliable advice about whether orders have been breached and what can be done by the court for this breach.

Family Violence

Our Coolangatta family lawyers also help those suffering family violence. We frequently assist victims and those accused of assault, stalking, destroying or damaging property and unlawfully depriving a family member of their liberty.

Our lawyers understand the sensitive nature of these matters and focus heavily on protecting children who are the most vulnerable party in legal proceedings.

Go To Court’s team of family lawyers also obtain great results for parties who have been wrongfully accused of family violence.

The safety of your children is paramount and the best way to protect them is to obtain professional legal assistance. Our Coolangatta family lawyers are thoroughly experienced in advocating for supervised contact for children who may be at risk of family violence. They also understand that financially and socially controlling behaviours can constitute family violence.

We treat all our matters with care and compassion.

Protect your interests and your future: Call a Coolangatta family lawyer today

For comprehensive advice and legal representation, contact one of Go To Court Lawyers’ experienced family solicitors in Coolangatta. Our team use their skills, patience and knowledge to deliver the best possible service, so your matter can be resolved without the stress. Affordably.

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Mori Amable

Great Firm. Best lawyers I’ve ever worked with. Big thanks to Thirushka for all the world class effort. Highly recommend and for the price, it’s very hard to come by.

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