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Road Rules in Queensland

There are a few road rules in Queensland that are specific to a particular road or which are different to road rules in other states. If you are new to Queensland, or have been driving elsewhere, it is a good idea to refresh your memory of the road rules in this state.

Truck drivers on the M1

On the Pacific Motorway (M1) for the stretch between Springwood (exit 20) and Robina (exit 82 Southbound and 79 Northbound), truck lane restrictions apply. These restrictions have only been in place relatively recently, being introduced in August 2017. The initiative was introduced to address with the high volume of traffic traveling on the M1 between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, which is Queensland’s busiest road and which carries 12,000 heavy vehicles every day.

What do the restrictions mean?

Trucks weighing over 4.5 tonnes are restricted to the left two lanes between Springwood and Robina. Buses are not included in this restriction and the 4.5 weight limit refers to the Gross Vehicle Mass and does not include the weight of any trailer attached to the truck.

The restriction applies 24 hours a day and means that trucks may not leave the left two lanes even when overtaking. If there is an obstruction in the left two lanes, trucks may travel in the right lane only for as long as it takes to pass it and if it is safe to do so.


Failure to abide by the new restriction could result in a  $126 fine ($600 for a business) or 3 demerit points.


When exiting a roundabout in Queensland, you are required to use your left indicator. This is the case whether you are turning left, right or traveling straight through the roundabout.

U-turns at traffic lights

It is illegal to do a U-turn at traffic lights unless there is a sign indicating that U-turns are permitted.

Passing a cyclist

When you are passing a cyclist in an area where the speed limit is 60 or less, you are required to leave a minimum distance of one metre. If you are passing a cyclist in an area where the speed limit is more than 60, you must leave 1.5metres distance.

When passing a cyclist, you are allowed to drive over centre lines on a two-way road, straddle or cross a lane line on a multi-lane road or drive over a traffic island, provided it is safe to do so.

Mobile phones

When driving, you are not allowed to have a mobile phone in your hand at any time. This is the case even while you are stopped at light or in a traffic jam. You are allowed to use your phone only if it can be operated without touching any part of the phone, such as by voice activation.

Driving in the right lane

If you are traveling on a multi-lane road with a speed limit of 90 or more, you are not allowed to travel in the right lane unless you are overtaking, avoiding an obstacle, turning right, making a U-turn or all other lanes are congested. You may also travel in the right lane if you are using a special purpose lane that you are allowed to be in.

Give way to pedestrians

If you are turning at an intersection and there are pedestrians crossing the road you are turning into, you must wait for them to cross before completing your turn. This is the case whether there are traffic lights or not.

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Fernanda Dahlstrom

Fernanda Dahlstrom has a Bachelor of Laws, a Bachelor of Arts, a Master of Arts and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. She practised law for eight years, working in criminal defence, child protection, domestic violence and family law in the Northern Territory and Queensland.

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